Successful Diagnosis of Dengue with Old Trick of Cancer


North Carolina, according to the experts, the old technology is used for the treatment and diagnosis of the cancer disease. Now with the slight change in this old technology, it can be used for the diagnosis of dengue disease.

According to the medical experts, the solid cancerous tumor can be watch through the positron emission tomography (PET). The system, Fluoro dioxy glucose identified the glucose metabolism can identify the dengue after mixing with PET.
According to the scientists of Duke Medical School and Singapore general hospital, they identified the disease through the PET and FDG in the rats, which were suffered from dengue. This technique is very simple and it cannot become the reason of any suffering or pain.
A little bit radioactive glucose is used in the FDG, which is entered in the body of the rats and it is watch through PET. The experts knew that due to dengue, the burning and swelling are produced in the small and large intestines and the glucose is absorbed in little bit more quantity. Now they can witness through the PET process and the process of absorption of glucose can be used for the dengue killer or its identification. The expert of Duke University says that according to their information that PET method is used for the diagnosis of any viral infection for the first time. You can also take the direct pictures of the infection of dengue through the PET.
The experts not only found the infection of dengue in the liver and intestines of the rats and they also analyzed the effects of the medicines, which is very useful process. With the use of these two methods, the identification of the disease of dengue can be identified very easily.

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