Sunny Leone Decides to Contest Elections


New Delhi, Sunny Leone is the well known and popular Indian film actress and she has shown her performance in the Indian movies and now she is ready to go to participate in the general elections to reach in the Indian parliament.

This news has become the hot news on the social media and also on the India media. There are towering banners and posters of Sunny Leone standing on the roads of Uttar Pradesh and it shared the news that Sunny Leone is going to contest the general elections from the constituency of Muradabad.

She wore the saree dress in the poster and it is said about her that people should give him the votes and get her succeeded in the general elections of the provincial assembly on five reasons. In the five reasons it is said that this candidate is very hard working and she is honest in her responsibilities and she is popular because of her beauty and elegance across the world. It is also written on the poster that she takes care of the children to the old age people and she is dear to the people and they should give their votes to their most loved and popular candidate, Sunny Leone.

This poster went viral on the social media and the media manager of Sunny Leone said that somebody played the prank with her and they got published this poster and hung alongside the road and they also shared it on the social media. Sunny Leone does not have any intention to step into the politics.




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