Sunny Leone Top Moodi Second and Salman third Most Search People


Mumbai, Yahoo India has released the complete list of the people, who are mostly searched on the internet. Sunny Leone has been the most search personality on the internet for last five years. The list shows that Sunny Leone is at the top of the list, who is well known for her bold acting in the Bollywood movies.

Prime Minister of India, Narinder Mopodi is the second most searched person on the internet while Salam Khan is at the third position. The Yahoo India released the list of the politicians, male actors and female actresses separately. The Chief Minister of New Delhi, Aervind Kajerwal is on the third position in the list of the politicians while in the list of the actors, Salman Khan is leading all male actors and he is at the top of the list of the most searched personality of India. Indian comedian Kapil Sharma is on the second position, Amitabh Bachchan on third, Shah Rukh Khan is on fourth while Aamer Khan is on the fifth position.

When you check the list of the female actresses, then you find that Sunny Leone is on the top position, while Bipasha Basu on the second position, Deepika Padukone is on the third, Katrina Kaif is present on the fourth position and the viewers will find Priyanka Chopra at the fifth position in this list.


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