Suzuki Mehran Price Increased to New Security Feature


Suzuki Company has increased the rates of the vehicles, Mehran VX and VXR and other vehicle of the same company all over Pakistan. The experts believe the increase in the price of the Mehran vehicle, which is the consequence of the massive 53% drop in the profits of Pak Suzuki during last 9 months. The increase in rates of the vehicles of Mehran Company is effective from 10 April and the company has received the noticeable price hike.

New Mehran Models Get Price Hike

The increase of Rs.5000 was done in the price of the vehicle during last week and both the variants of the vehicles, VX and VXR got the increase of Rs.24,000 this time. The new prices of the Mehran models are given below:

  • Mehran VX = PKR 679,000
  • Mehran VXR = PKR 732,000
  • Mehran VX CNG = PKR 749,000
  • Mehran VXR CNG = PKR 802,000

New Security Feature

Suzuki Company has introduced the new feature with the price increase. The variants of Mehran are provided with an immobilizer. The immobilizer is the electronic security device, which prevents the ignition of the car from working until the original key is used and it becomes impossible for the thieves to steal the car. The immobilizer or immobilizer key has the RF identification transponder, which is verified upon car ignition.

Suzuki Company has not released the SRS airbags information and it is important to show that both the immobilizer and SRS airbags have the features to use the auto policy and the companies were compelled to incorporate these safety features. Suzuki is also adding these features to maintain the new policy.  It is hoped that inclusion of SRS bags is added in their cars in near future.

The new variant of Mehran VXR touched to 800,000 and the noticeable price is increased in last few months. Now this car will become the tough sell at this price range and there are most imported Japanese cars have beat it on all of the fronts.

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