Suzukis New Swift 2017


Suzuki Company has released the new Suzuki Swift 2017 at Geneva Motor Show and the production of the new model is underway at the Japanese plant of the company. The people can hope for the new and latest model of the vehicle in this country. The company has provided the new and updates design of third generation Swift 2017 and this vehicle has new technology as Suzuki has dubbed as HEARTECT to make the car lightweight and rigid. The company has also introduced the SVHS mild hybrid drive and better safety system in the new and modern model of the vehicle. The company it attracting the young generation with updated Swift 2017 model and the viewers will have the comprehensive look at the features of this vehicle.


Suzuki Swift has the subtle hints to remind you of the older and discontinued model of Suzuki Baleno. The new style has been introduced in this vehicle and it shows the new design language. The vehicle, Swift 2017 has retained the basic shape and size of the new coming model and it is also added with new and latest details and the sportier stance. The vehicle has the most prominent feature, which is new headlamp design and the lights in the vehicle are smaller and they have angular shape just like Baleno.

The grille of the vehicle has been redesigned in the new model and it has feature of hexagonal shape, which is wider than the previous shape and Suzuki has changed the design of hood to extend it on the nose of the grille, which is finished few inches above the old hoods. The preliminary photos of the new Swift show that the vehicle has design elements, which are varied due to colors and the red and blue models has vertical slats and the latter one was upper honey comb mesh section and red stripe.

On the back of the car, Suzuki opted the ditch curved design with an angular shape just like baleno. The vehicle, Swift has C-shaped, LED layout, reverse and turn signal lights. The bumper of the vehicle is redesigned and it gives wonderful look and it helps in improving the overall feel of the car. When you view the Swift from the side, there are some changes, which are noticeable and overall shape and proportions of the car are similar. The car has lower roofline and padded belt line on the wheel arches.

It is told by Global Automotive Operations, Suzuki Motor Corporation to the reporters in Geneva that they have achieved the new super light weight body, which has total weight of 840 kg and it is 120 kg lighter than the present model of the vehicle.


The company did not show the interior of the vehicle and the pictures of the vehicle have revealed the good glimpse of the expected inside of the vehicle, Swift 2017. The dashboard of the vehicle has been redesigned apart from the V-shaped layout and it remains the same.

The air condition vent in the vehicle completes the dashboard and there is most prominent change in the vehicle, which is inclusion of 7 inch touch screen panel and it replace the radio unit and knobs. There are modern graphics and buttons, which are embedded in HVAC area and it resides above the console center. There are different apps and features, which are updated and they are added with 7 inch touch screen and it is expected that it will not disappoint them. There are instruments centers, which are improved massively and the speedometer and rev counter have the separate covers and the digital display is also there in the middle.

The steering wheels are added with chrome detailing and they are very appealing and it also possesses the controls on both sides and they have firm and sporty grip. There are some additional features like Safety Package with DSBS, collision mitigating system and it is added with laser sensor and high beam assistance with the adaptive cruise control, which are all optional.

The shapes of the seats of new Swift are redesigned, optimized and they offer additional comfort. It also offers more leg room and it is speculated but it is expected that the luggage room will be increases as given in the design of the car. There are no specifications, which are released by Suzuki Company.


The present outgoing model of the vehicle, Swift is added with two gasoline engines and it will also not change in the coming generation. This vehicle has petrol only engine line up, which is included with 110 bhp BoosterJet 1.0 liter 3 cyl turbo and 89 bhp 1.2 liter four. The mild hybrid system is provided with 1.0-liter engine and it lower emission to 97 g/km.

There is new 5-speed manual plus a CVT with 6-speed AT for the Japanese market. The company claimed that mild hybrid SHVS system is based on same powerplant and it will be offered. The company did not make any official announcement as it will look to use 1.6 liter 4-cylinder. It has standard five speed for 1.2 liter, new six speed automatic for 1.0 liter turbo and an optional CVT.

Price and Availability

The price of the vehicle stays close to £8,999 of the current car and the vehicle, new Swift will go on sale during June 2017 and it is not cleared that this vehicle is available in Pakistan. But the clients expect that Pak Suzuki will bring this vehicle in the market in near future.



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