Dangal First Bollywood Movie to Earn 1000 Crore

Mumbai, The Bollywood movie, ‘Dangal’ of Bollywood super star, Amir Khan became the first Bollywood movie, which earned over 1000 crore rupees. This movie was also dubbed in the ... Continue Reading →
Bollywood Movie Dangal

Bollywood Movie Dangal on Top of Chinese Box Office

Amir Khan’s film “Dangal” has achieved success in China also after India. The film has so far earned 187.43 crore rupees. According to details, film “Dangal” has started making ... Continue Reading →

Bollywood Movie ‘Dangal’ Earned 720 Crore Rupees

New Bollywood movie, ‘Dangal’ has been released on the cinema houses and this movie has maintained its popularity across the world. This movie has earned good reputation and it ... Continue Reading →

Dangal Became Most Earning Movie of Indian History

Mumbai, Indian leading actor and super star, Aamer Khan released his recent movie, ‘Dangal’ on the cinema houses, which has become the most earning movie of India. He released this ... Continue Reading →

Dangal Releases on 4300 Cinema Houses Today

Mumbai, the new coming movie, ‘Dangal’ of leading Bollywood actor, Aamer Khan is going to be released on the 4300 cinema houses on 23 December 2016. This will be the second movie ... Continue Reading →

Movie Dangal of Aamer Khan Pass Censor Board Without Cut

Mumbai, Indian Censor board passed the new coming Bollywood movie, ‘Dangal’ of Bollywood super star, Aamer Khan. The board passed the movie without any cut and they allowed this ... Continue Reading →

Amir Khan Movie Dangal Trailer on top of Popularity

Mumbai, The trailer of the movie, ‘Dangal’ of Mr Perfectionist Aamer Khan of Bollywood has been released and it got tremendous popularity on the social media. Aamer Khan is well ... Continue Reading →

Is Aamir khan & Salman Khan 20 years Friendship finished?

Mumbai, There are some rumors about the friendship break up between Salman Khan and Aamir khan. according to the website, Aamer Khan managed a party in his home located in Bandra, ... Continue Reading →

Aamir Khan faces asthma after Dangal weight gain

Amritsar, Aamir khan is rightly said Mr. Perfectionist as he can create the originality and reality in his movies. He is now performing in his new movie; ‘Dangal’ and he increased ... Continue Reading →