Fly dubai

FlyDubai Launches A Discounted Air Fares Offer For Pakistan

FlYDubai has launched a special low fares offer for Pakistan to make the Dubai Journey more easy and affordable. The company offers the low fares from Dubai to Pakistan from AED 995. ... Continue Reading →

30,000 Monthly Jobs Deduction Seen in Dubai

Business growth in Dubai has been sluggish over the past three months, causing obstacles to employment in the Middle East trading center. The news reveals the non-oil private sector ... Continue Reading →

UAE Introduces Multi Entry Visa

The government of United Arab Emirates UAE by following Saudi Arabia has decided to promote its tourism sector worldwide to convert the Gulf State in to the tourism hub. In this regard ... Continue Reading →
Tech Professionals Freelance

Tech Professionals Freelance Work Permits in Dubai

Dubai Internet City has introduced the new freelance permits for the technical professionals. This facility will help the people start their work in the tech sector and they will enjoy ... Continue Reading →
Robot Handles Functions of Waiter in Dubai

Robot Handles Functions of Waiter in Dubai

The use of robots in different fields became common in the modern world. The robots have taken over various works of the people and now a robot has started handling the functions of ... Continue Reading →

Introduction of Drone to Deliver Sehri in Dubai

Dubai, It has been decided that drone service will be used in United Arab Emirates during the Holy month of Ramadan instead of the traditional ways to deliver the sehri to people at ... Continue Reading →

Punjab University Establishes Campus in Dubai

Lahore, University of the Punjab Lahore is going to establish the Hailey College of Banking and Finance (HCBF) and Professionals and Accountancy Center (PAC) in Dubai under Knowledge ... Continue Reading →

Dubai to have tower dangling in the air

A firm based in New York has proposed to use Dubai as a site for an innovative, asteroid-suspended skyscraper. Clouds Architecture is the name of firm behind the design of a proposed ... Continue Reading →
Passenger drones to buzz across Dubai skies

Passenger drones to buzz across Dubai skies

A Chinese model of self driving hover taxi has been tested by official in Dubai and now transportation of people through these drones can start in July this year. On Monday, it was ... Continue Reading →
Dinner in the Sky Brussels 2012

Dinner in the Sky Service Starts in Dubai

The ‘Dinner in the Sky’ service is started in Dubai. Now the people can view the surrounding areas and they will get the entertainment on the swings during their dinner. The people ... Continue Reading →