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Govt Announces Online Content Removal Rules for Social Media, ISPs and Users

The Federal Government under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has formulated the rules under section 37 of the prevention of electronic crimes act 2016 for ... Continue Reading →
Know About Facebook New Cryptocurrency Libra

All You Know About Facebook New Cryptocurrency Libra

Facebook has shown the details of the cryptocurrency Libra and you can buy the things or send the money to people without paying any fee. The company has revealed the white paper, ... Continue Reading →
Facebook face recognition

Facebook Shows Facial Recognition in Pakistan

The social media, Facebook has launched the new tool in order to protect the photos from being misused by someone others. People all over the world like to take and share the photos. ... Continue Reading →

Livestream Old Videos in Group on Facebook

Facebook will make you able for the live stream the older videos. It is the social media giant and it makes the experiment with new tool and it makes the video more interactive and ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan Wants Linking Facebook Accounts

Pakistan Wants Linking Facebook Accounts with Mobile Numbers

The Facebook management has been proposed by Pakistan to connect the Facebook accounts with mobile numbers that will help to eliminate fake accounts. Secretary IT Rizwan Bashir said ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Can Now Help You Find Wi Fi Hotspots Nearby

Facebook Helps You Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Nearby

It is difficult task for the people to find the Wi-Fi signal and it is worrisome when their mobile data connection cannot be relied on. Facebook has decided to do something about and ... Continue Reading →
New Animated Reaction Features for Facebook Video Chat

New Animated Reaction Features for Facebook Video Chat

Washington, If you do the video chat on the facebook and you want to give any reaction immediately then facebook has prepared some new reaction features for you, which become part ... Continue Reading →
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Respond with GIFs in Facebook Comments

GIFs have surely changed the way people respond on the social media. They have the interactive to say what they really feel and there is no surprise the format has got the popularity. ... Continue Reading →

Facebook introduces 50 New Games

Facebook has announced 50 famous games for its customers that use Messenger that could be played by more than 1 billion users of the Messenger every month. Though, games were introduced ... Continue Reading →
FB Messanger

Share Live Location of one Hour on Facebook Messenger

New York, The facebook users can give information to their friends about their place directly on the facebook messenger. They can also share the location of their place for one hour. With ... Continue Reading →
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