Cars and Dresses of James Bond

Cars and Dresses of James Bond

50 years have completed for James Bond films after which the dresses, cars and other things of James Bond are displayed in French capital Paris. “Dr. No” was the first film of famous ... Continue Reading →
James Bond Series Movie ‘Specter’

James Bond Series Movie ‘Specter’ Censored In India

Mumbai, India has censored the Hollywood movie of James Bond series, ‘Specter’. The Indian censor board showed his reason that there are some bold scenes in the movie, which are ... Continue Reading →
James Bond

007 Film “Spectre” presents for auction

The car and other things used in film of James Bond series “Spectre” have been presented for bidding. The things of 2015 film “Spectre” presented for tender include the car ... Continue Reading →
Monica Belochi and Shah Rukh Khan 04

Monica Bellucci admit she Respects SRK

London, Italian actress Monica Bellucci said that she respects Shah Rukh Khan very much. She is now busy in the promotion of her movie, ‘Spectre’, which is the 24th movie of James ... Continue Reading →