Pakistani celebrities

Pak Celebrities Did Jobs Before Becoming Popular

Karachi, There are various Pakistani celebrities, who did different kinds of jobs, before they came to the limelight of the showbiz industry. Some of them worked in stores and also ... Continue Reading →
Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan Arrival in PSL Draft

Lahore, Leading Pakistani artist, Mahira Khan attended the PSL drafting ceremony. When she reached in the PSL three event of the drafting, fans gathered around there and they made ... Continue Reading →
ranbir mahira


Mumbai: Pakistani actress Maira khan and Ranbir Kapoor picture has gone viral on internet and created turbulence where you can see both of them clearly smoking cigarette. After film ... Continue Reading →
Sonam Kapoor and Mahira Khan

Sonam Kapoor Gifted Saree to Mahira Khan

Mumbai, the leading and talented actress of Indian film industry, Sonam Kapoor gifted the beautiful saree to the Pakistani artist, Mahira Khan. Sonam is very close friend of Mahira ... Continue Reading →
Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan

Lux Style Festival won by Fahad Mahira and Actor In Law

Karachi, 16th Lux Style award was conducted few days earlier in which Fahad Mustafa, Mahira Khan and the movie, ‘Actor in Law’ won the awards. This movie won the awards of best ... Continue Reading →

Maula Jat 2 Shooting Cancelled by Mahira Khan Refusal

Lahore, Leading Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan refused to perform in the new coming movie, Maula Jatt 2 and now the director of the movie, Bilal Lashari is facing some problems to start ... Continue Reading →

Talk Between Mahira and Ranbir Viral on Social Media

Dubai, Pakistan actress Mahira Khan and Indian actor, Ranbir Kapoor talked with each other behind the stage and the video of this talk went viral on the social media and it became the ... Continue Reading →

Mahira Khan Signs another Pakistan Movie

The leading and beautiful actress, Mahira Khan signed another Pakistani movie. she has already performed in Pakistani movie, which was directed by the leading director, Shoaib Mansoor ... Continue Reading →

Pakistani film Verna

The upcoming movie will be released on June 25 round about Eid ul Fitr. Mahira Khan will perform in this movie. Shoaib Mansoor is the writer and producer of the movie and this movie ... Continue Reading →
Mahira Khan

Pakistani Films are First Choice of Mahira Khan

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan debuted in Bollywood opposite Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan but her priority is Pakistani films and she doesn’t want to be a consistent part of Indian ... Continue Reading →
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