Amir Khan Marriage with Faryal

Amir Khan Marriage with Faryal

British boxer Amer Khan has filed the divorce papers in the court against Faryal Makhdoom. He filed the case now after their twitter war on the social media. WhenFaryal declared that ... Continue Reading →
Lionel Messi Got Married

Messi Married with Antolina Rokozo

Buenos Aires, Argentina leading and popular footballer, Lionel Messi got married with Antolina Rokozo, who is his childhood girl friend. The 30 years old footballer has love with her ... Continue Reading →
Messi Made Important Decision of His Life

Messi Gets Married with his Old Girl Friend

Buenos Aires, The most tremendous and popular player of football of Argentina fool ball team, Lionel Messi has decided to get married with his old girl friend. He made this important ... Continue Reading →