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Robot Becomes Drone in Air And Car on Ground

  Tel Aviv, Few months earlier, it was discussed about the drone float in water and fly in the air. Now the Israeli experts have made such a drone, which flies in the air and ... Continue Reading →
Robot Handles Functions of Waiter in Dubai

Robot Handles Functions of Waiter in Dubai

The use of robots in different fields became common in the modern world. The robots have taken over various works of the people and now a robot has started handling the functions of ... Continue Reading →
Robot house

Mason Robot Makes House in 54 Hours

France, The French construction company has made a mason robot, which can make a complete home within 54 hours for a family of 5 people by using the 3D printer. As the practical demonstration ... Continue Reading →
Robot Could be Solution to Trash Problems

Robot Could be Solution to Trash Problems

Now we are going close to Wall-E-like future and the company in Denver, Colorado has created the AI based robot to sort through trash. It works even better than the human beings. Clarke ... Continue Reading →

Robots Serve Pizza in the Restaurant in Multan

During the modern world, the use of robots is common in most of the departments. These robots are serving people and they carry out their jobs and replace the people. Now the robots ... Continue Reading →
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Robot with human capabilities will be sent to Mars

American space agency NASA has prepared a modern robot with human capabilities that will be sent to Mars after experiment. Robots of different shapes and abilities are prepared all ... Continue Reading →

SoftBank to buy robot maker Boston Dynamics

On Thursday, Japanese SoftBank Group announced that it is purchasing Boston Dynamics from Google’s parent organization Alphabet while the company is animal-based robot maker. The ... Continue Reading →

First Robot Police Official Work in Dubai

Dubai City, Dubai has prepared the first police official to work against the crimes. It will start its working very soon. This robot police official will start its patrolling on the ... Continue Reading →

Robot Finds Defects in Bridges and Roads

Nevada, there is consistent need of the supervision of the construction work on the roads and bridges all over the world. If there is any minor defect appears in any bridge, it can ... Continue Reading →

Sindh Bomb Disposal Squad To Get 5 Robots

Sindh Police authorities have allowed bomb disposal squad to buy the robots, gadgets, tools and other machinery, which will be available for millions of rupees. The concerned officials ... Continue Reading →
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