Unique battery-less train in China

China has manufactured a train that will travel without railroad. Now, the train in China will travel on road that will be controlled by sensors on the road. For this purpose, a sensor ... Continue Reading →
Books in the Library

Modern System to Provide Books in the Library

The public library of New York has introduced new and latest system to provide the books to the users through train and now the booking reading lovers can study their books sitting ... Continue Reading →
INTERNET for web

Survey: 3 Billion Internet User around the World

Oslo, the social organization, ‘We are Social’ has issued latest figures, and they show that the population of the world is exceeding more than 7 billions and 200 millions. Huge ... Continue Reading →

Nokia & Microsoft deal completes on April 25

For the merger of Microsoft and Nokia, both the companies had already received approval long ago from the US Department of Justice and the European Commission and also few days ago, ... Continue Reading →
Computer Data

Stealing Computer Data through Speakers is Possible Now!

It is learnt that the computer data can be fetched from your system in the form of audio signals. This is new happening, which was not possible previously and nobody was ready to make ... Continue Reading →
Li Fi Technology for Internet Connection

Li-Fi Technology Uses LED Bulbs to Connect Internet Connection

An innovative way of gaining access to the Digital World of Internet using the signals sent through the Light Bulb instead of Radio Waves as in Wi-Fi, has been successfully developed ... Continue Reading →
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