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YouTube Gaming Records The Best Watch Time In 2020

The Gaming is the topmost category especially when online gaming is concerned. The Google’s video sharing platform experienced a big achievement this year. According to the YouTube’s ... Continue Reading →
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YouTube Decides To Add Information About COVID-19

YouTube is now going to inform the peoples around the world about the facts and figures related to COVID-19 and to discard the misinformation about the pandemic as well. The Video Sharing ... Continue Reading →

Google New Rules in YouTube Monetization

YouTube faced the Logan Paul controversy for not vetting the content on the website. When the advertisers started appearing with improper and flagged content, it lost the trust of ... Continue Reading →
FILE PHOTO: YouTube unveils their new paid subscription service at the YouTube Space LA in Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles

YouTube biggest e-sports bet with FACEIT streaming deal

Competitive gaming is a profitable business where players compete for virtual games in tournaments for prize money and now YouTube is trying to take maximum advantage for e-sports. Up ... Continue Reading →

Worlds Biggest Music Streaming Service YouTube

Internet has brought many changes in the human life and it has also changed the music industry. With the arrival of music streaming services, it has changed the need of storing the ... Continue Reading →

YouTube Offers New Way to Earn Money with Super Chat

Most of the people want to use YouTube for different purposes. Most of the time, they want to download or listen to the songs on this site. Now it has offered the live streamers to ... Continue Reading →

Most Viewed YouTube Videos in Pakistan Gender & Age Groups

There are different tools of internet, which are used for good and bad. With the start of the data analyzing tools and trends, the people can determine the kind of the contents, which ... Continue Reading →

Survey Shows Social Media Mobile Apps Still Dominating

According to one study, it has been revealed that the social media mobile apps are still dominating. It is revealed that top 30 downloaded and most used apps are taken from the iOS ... Continue Reading →
Youtube to Launch Video Streaming Service In 2017

Youtube to Launch Video Streaming Service In 2017

In 2017, world’s biggest video streaming service ‘Youtube’ will show TV channels also. Google company was working on this plan since past few years but now they have decided to ... Continue Reading →
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Government Decides Lifting of Ban on YouTube After Eid

The government of Pakistan has decided to remove ban on the YouTube after Eid, which has been ban throughout Pakistan for last many months. The Federal Minister for Telecom and IT, ... Continue Reading →
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