Test Drive & Review of 6th Generation Suzuki Vitara


Suzuki Company has launched the latest 6th generation of Suzuki Vitara and Pak Suzuki has launched two variants of this vehicle, which are GLX and GL+. The price of the GL+ variant is 3.49 million rupees and the price of the variant GLX model is 3.79 million rupees. This vehicle has standard xenon headlamps and the tail lights are prepared with modern techniques. The car has both bumpers on the front and rear side and the diff users, which gives refined look and it looks very attractive.

The vehicle has dull silver roof rails with contrasting roof of the vehicle and the silver side body is molding with front and rear door visors, tail lamp garnish to give aggressive look and the door size is optimal and it gives easy entry and exit. The paint quality is excellent and it key-less entry is provided with remote control and wheels are looked sporty and aggressive. The exterior design of car is wonderful and excellent for city driving.


The silver color is painted with dashboard to give good look and the new look has led to the changed preferences, smooth finish with sturdy built material are norm of consumers of this generation. This vehicle has some impressive elements, which are inspired from various high end vehicles. The in-car entertainment system is wonderful with its interface, touch responses, and the sound quality. This vehicle is added with GPS navigation system, airplay, mirror link, Bluetooth, DVD, USB/SD card and the built in Wi-Fi. There is no rear view camera and parking sensors are added with the vehicle.

It has wonderful panoramic sunroof and it gives driving pleasure. It gives good climate control panel knobs and the control keys are added to give it better choice. It has the leather upholstery and the seats of the car are comfortable and designed to give optimal gripping, when they drive the car. It is added with multi-information LCD in the meter cluster to exhibit the information and the average fuel consumption, driving mode, parking sensor warning, and gearshift indicator. New Vitara does not have center console or the armrest between the front seats, which made the people uncomfortable when they drive the car.

When we talk about the external noise, they can hardly hear except the minor noise of engine. The storage space in Vitara is added with front and rear door pockets and central storage compartment below the dashboard with accessory sockets and the sunglasses holder. The space for the luggage is 375 liters.


The new Vitara vehicle is launched in the market with 1.6 liter vvt petrol engine and it is add with good quality torque with 1.6 liter. The Suzuki company has bought this vehicle with 4WD system and it offers four driver-selectable modes with auto, Sport, Snow and lock mode. The vehicle is also installed with descent control and hill hold control systems. The vehicle has pedal shifters, which are highly responsive and function without the tag. The position of the paddle shifters are optimal on steering wheel. When you press the brake pedal, the vehicle stops and it does not show any resistance or slippage. When it is rained, the automatic wipers are turned on and off automatically and the automatic light system turns the headlamps and trail lamps with the ambient brightness. It has cruise control button on steering wheel and the vehicle can maintain the speed between 40-100 km/h.


When you check the safety mode, Vitara is added with Electronic Stability control (ECS) and skid for vehicle. The company claims the new Vitara vehicle has lightweight shock absorbing body and it has 6 airbags for driver and front passenger. This vehicle is added with impact mitigation body and it provides safety to pedestrians.


Suzuki Vitara is being sold in the local market and the company provides after sales service and maintenance of the vehicle. The spare parts are available as compared to any imported vehicle. The new model of Suzuki Vitara is provided for the decent persons and they can travel out of the city with their family. This vehicle is all wheel drive SUV, which is suitable for all terrains and it is good value for the money.

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