The World’s First 5g Smartphone Pictures Got Leaked


New York: the worker of the America’s famous telecom company leaked the pictures of the world’s first 5g phone.

After the announcement of 5g in Pakistan the users are waiting for it anxiently, and now days the only discussion that is sticking is when the speed of the internet is going to increase. The experts said that in 2019 some of the specifications of 5g will come in the public and in 2020 the 5g smart phones will be available in the market.

According to the reports the American famous company related to phones and telecommunication worker whose name is cwalcom shared the pictures of the 5g phone on the twitter and said that I can’t believe that the world’s first 5g Smartphone is in my hand.

The experts said that after watching the pictures of the 5g phone it seems like this phone is created for the trial purposes and it will be available in the markets after the experimental work. The phone will have front and back camera long with double flash system and it will also support 3g and 4g.

Keep in mind that the entire cellular and the mobile phone companies of the world are working on the 5g technology, and the experts are saying that 5g will be available in 2020.

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