Theft in PIA Premier Service


Lahore, National Airline company has started the wonderful premier service for the passengers and they stole lotion, tissue papers and other things and they also spread the mess in the airplane.

According to the media, the national airline company has started the special premier service on the Independence Day and the first flight set off to London and airbus 330 was used. The modern facilities are provided to the passengers and some passengers were praising the staff of the airline, who were enjoyed with the facilities of the airplane. The flight was bound from Lahore to London and they spread mess in the airplane and they forced the staff of the aircraft to change their behavior. When the PIA Premier Service was started from Lahore to London, then the passengers started stealing the lotion, tissue papers and disposable things from the airplane.

The passengers not only looted the things from the airplane but also they spread the mess in the flight and the administration of PIA requested with the passengers not to spread the mess and they leave the shampoo and towels in the airplane.

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