These 7 Skills Will Make You A Successful IT Professional In 2021


The field of Information Technology is always been a leading area in various sectors. IT professionals are always been the demand of business firms, government sectors, banking and finance sector and educational institutions as well. The IT professionals are taking part in all these areas with different IT skills. Recently a survey was carried out by Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS (P@SHA) for the regarding the training demands of the IT sector in Pakistan. The survey found the following IT skills will be in demand by various companies and organizations in 2021.

  1. 1.      Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  2. 2.      Big Data and Blockchain
  3. 3.      Agile Methodologies
  4. 4.      Mobile App Development
  5. 5.      MEAN Stack/MERN Stack
  6. 6.      Quality Assurance and Automation
  7. 7.      Cloud Technologies (AWS and Azure)

The survey conducted by P@SHA concluded that the 61% respondents are not internally trained professionally and 39% have an internal program including experienced personnel and fresh graduates for the newly emerging technologies. Additionally, 47% of respondents have less than 50 employees, and 25% have between 50 and 100 employees. About 50% of the surveyed companies have local and foreign clients.

Mostly Tech and IT companies are focusing on native Mobile app development, digital marketing, MEAN/MERN stacks, cloud technologies such as AWS and Azure, and other web development technologies. According to reports of the survey 54 companies are planning to work on Artificial Intelligence AI whereas, 46 percent will focus on Big Data and Blockchain, and 36 percent will be interested in working in Cloud Computing and MERN.

The survey literally, gives a detailed preview of the demands of the IT sector in Pakistan. IT companies aim to provide the updated skills training to their employees with the latest methodologies.

According to survey, 43% of the respondent companies plan to spend up to Rs 5 million. 10,000 per head, 25 per cent are willing to spend Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 per head, 11.4 per cent can distribute Rs 20,000-30,000, and interestingly, 18.2 per cent are willing to spend more than Rs 30,000 per head. Agree to However, in the past year, 59% of companies did not provide any training opportunities to their employees, while 41% of companies did so.

In addition to resource training, IT companies are also interested in various certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 900.

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