Three Startups Made Pakistan Proud By Winning Top 10 Innovators Awards


Three Startups has made the Pakistan proud by their great achievements in entrepreneurship globally. According to details three Pakistani Startups have achieved the position in the ShellLiveWIRE Top 10 Innovators Awards in three categories. So here are these award winning Pakistani Startups.


AquaAgro is a Pakistani Startup that designs crop yields to help the farmers in best cultivation. The Startup also helps in 50 percent water preservation in traditional for traditional farming. AguaAgro has won the 1st prize in the Environment & Circular Economy category. AquaAgro awarded $20,000 by the judges of ShelLiveWIRE.

EDVON Robotics Pakistan

EDVON Robotics Pakistan is a Pakistani incorporate robotic engineering firm that helps to implement robotic engineering curricula in the local educational institutions. The CEO and founder of the company is Muhammad Nabeel. The ADVON Robotics is awarded by ShellLiveWIRE Top 10 Innovators Awards.

The CEO EDVON Robotics Said:

“Getting our idea and startup recognized at the global level has motivated us to do more. COVID-19 has hit us all, but some of us have been able to make the most of this opportunity and develop something to help people in this pandemic”


Enent is a Pakistani electronic company and engaged in manufacturing the innovative products to reduce the wastage of energy in the country. According to company, every year 18000 tons carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to save $0.5 million in electricity bills annually. The Enent has won runner up prize at the ShellLiveWIRE Top 10 Innovators Awards and received $ 10,000 by the panel of judges.

The National Incubation Sector’s former director and entrepreneur Shahjahan Chaudhry said:

“Pakistan’s efforts in competing against global growth and the emerging trends in technology”

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