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As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading in all cities, towns and villages of Pakistan and the federal and provincial governments have announced the lockdown of all cities and town to avoid spreading of this pandemic. During the lockdown, the business and daily working is badly affected and hundreds of thousands workers and daily wagers are suffered with this lockdown as they do not have work to earn their income. People are locked in their homes and businesses are closed and there is silence in the market. In this situation, the government has planned to provide the daily utilized and food supplies to these poor, needy and badly affected persons to avoid them and their families starvation and financial disasters. Prime Minister Coronavirus Tiger Force Registration Online

Prime Minister Coronavirus Tiger Force Registration Online Starts

Prime Minister Coronavirus Tiger Force Registration Online Starts

The prime minister has announced the Coronavirus tiger force to provide the basic facilities of food and medicines to the poor and affected people on their doorstep so that they do not need to come on the roads. The registration of the task force is now started, which will be continued till 10 April 2020. The candidates can visit the Pakistan citizen portal and they can download the registration forms from there and they can complete it online. The young and energetic volunteers will perform their responsibilities during this crisis but these responsibilities will be with any financial assistance in shape of pay or salary. After the completion of the tasks, these volunteers will be provided the appreciation certificates. The volunteer tiger force will have to perform following responsibilities:

  • Food Supply
  • Ration distribution to needy and affected people
  • Home Quarantine Management
  • Creating Awareness among people about COVID pandemic
  • Collecting Information

Apply online for Volunteer Work in Coronavirus Tiger Force

According to Prime Minister citizen portal, the candidates download the Pakistan Citizen Portal from Google Play Store to get them registered online and they will fill the tiger force registration forms online. They can get them registered with the tiger force by the closing date of 10 April, which may be extended as per requirement. The volunteers will get the basic training and after that they will collect their cards to execute their responsibilities in the targeted areas.

You Can Get Tiger Force Apply & Registration Form From Here:

Tiger Force Apply & Registration Form

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