Many people know that what work google and other companies are doing in the self driving technology. Toyota has also come to know the need of automotive technology and recently they announced a plan for self driving car.
Two days ago the company has revealed a new version of self driving car, the Toyota research institute the silicon valley-based of the company has stepped forward and they included better sensors and more better detection system and two steering wheels to make a faster transition from robot to human.

The car Lexus LS 600hl is still in its testing mood and they didn’t reveal the number of the cars as they are in their testing mood yet, but they said that these cars have been tested on the roads of Silicon Valley Ann arbor, Michigan, Cambridge and Massachusetts.
This car is much better than the car being revealed by the Toyota in the last year, and this version is called platform 2.1.
Chauffeur and Guardian are the two TRI research self driving system of the car. Chauffeur Is the Toyota’s work in the capable of level 4 autonomy, and the self driving system is limited to the geographical area and level 5, where car can operate all types of conventional terrains anywhere.
The second system guardian is for the assistance of the driver, as it alerts the driver from accidents and has the ability to step in and prevent the car from crashing.

The car also has the LIDAR laser sensors built by Luminar. These sensors were built by the company for Toyota.
Safety is more important to Toyota
James Kuffner chief technology officer at TRI said, In general the usability and safety is really important to us and Toyota, we think that driver monitoring technology to basically confirm that the driver in engaged is an important part of deploying this technology safe. He added that our prototype car is the most perceptive car in the world.
In Toyota they take people seriously and they have confirmed that their vehicle is safe and is capable of handling any difficult situation.

The national safety board in America issued a warning to all the companies working on autonomous cars because of the accident happened last year with a Tesla driver. Toyota is trying their best to convince them of the safety of the car.
Kauffner said that they have over engineered their car to make it safe. The other steering wheel is for the safety operation who can take over easily in dangerous situations. Toyota has worked with the best companies for their autonomous parts so that no part makes any systematic issue. Many other car companies are making partnership with Waymo, Uber and Lyft to increase their production of autonomous cars but Toyota are working on their own without any partnership and they are excited about their autonomous vehicle and it will be released on its time.


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