Tracking Down Possible COVID-19 Victims by PTA


As the number of corona virus patients are increasing in Pakistan and the government is facing the hard task to contain the spread of this pandemic within the limited resources. PTA came on the front line in order track down the possible COVID-19 victims, who use mobile phones. Tracking Down Possible COVID-19 Victims by PTA.

PTA Tracking Down Covid-19 through Mobile

PTA Tracking Down Covid-19 through Mobile

During the virtual press conference, the executive director of WHO said about the epidemiological state of Pakistan that this country has the highly mobile population and there are big cities and underserved people so this pandemic can become a great challenge for this country. He further added that Pakistan already fought against the diseases like dengue, polio and other diseases and they have the powerful approaches against such pandemic to overcome it. The Digital Pakistan has taken the initiative and it has enabled the PTA to track such people, who indicate the higher possibility of COVID-19 infection.

This exercise has the full effect as large number of people all over the country, who received the text message from PTA regarding the threat of the coronavirus and if any person has come in contact with such person, who has confirmed case of COVID-19 during the last 14 days, therefore, they are requested to take the necessary precautionary measures by taking the self quarantine. The text message is also added to continue to direct the receivers regarding the measures they should take. 

This initiative is taken with the intention to expedite the process of containing the virus, which can raise the questions about the privacy of data of Pakistani telecom users. It was found that all such information can be gathered from different sources like Call Detail Records, Cell Site Location Information and other GPS and Bluetooth based methods to track the cell phone of any person.

This initiative is likely to catalyze the process of verification of the suspected COVID-19 patients and it should speed up the process of the presence of the corona virus in particular person.

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