Ufone introduces UWatch for your kids security


A good news for parents is that they can achieve their peace of mind through the latest product launched by Ufone i.e. the UWatch.

Now parents don’t need to buy smartphone to their children to keep in contact with them, as the Ufone’s UWatch will easily and effectively help the parents to connect with their children.

UWatch is a wearable watch through which parents will be able to know about the real-time location of their kids through two-way voice calling facility i.e. parents can dial to the watch through their mobiles while kids can also dial to the phone of their parents through their UWatch while its price is only Rs. 6,999.

Parents are in complete control through UWatch app. This app provides several ways to protect safety of the family including live monitoring and setting up safe/ danger zones.

Ufone introduces UWatch

Ufone introduces UWatch


Taimur Fiaz Cheema, GM Marketing Ufone, said that Ufone is the first Pakistani company to launch such an innovative product for its customers, which is very important for parents. They always keep their focus on the requirements of their customers which helps them to bring positive changes to their products. UWatch is the latest example which is aimed to keep the families connected.

Main Features of UWatch

  • Real time tracking
  • Voice calling (Parent’s to kids)
  • Fast Dial Emergency SOS Calling (Kids to Parents)
  • Safe Zones / Geo Fence
  • Safe list calling
  • Tracking History Playback
  • Remote Turn off/Turn On Function
  • Battery time of up to 2 days
  • Water Resistant
  • Time, Date and Alarm.

What’s Included in the Package:

  • A UWatch
  • An Android App

After verifying UWatch SIM through biometric verification system, the customer can activate the UWatch. The customer can use the watch soon after the activation of UWatch SIM.

Real Time Tracking

The parents can find the real-time location of their kids, wearing UWatch, by clicking the “Location” button. For their convenience, the clicking on ‘location’ will provide exact address of the kid while they can view in Satellite mode or 2D map format to get the map of real time location of their kid.

Two Way Calling

Guardians can click the “call” button to setup a voice call after which they can dial their kids through UWatch app. A speaker and mic is present in the watch for the two way communication between kids and parents. A voice call can also be started by the kids after pressing SOS call button. Parents will receive a call by kids through this function.

Maximum three numbers can be added by the guardians for SOS calling so that the call would be directed to second and the the third number if the first number is busy or not responding.

Play Tracking History

The history of routes taken by your children can be known through UWatch. Tracking history of your children during a particular period will be played accurately through this feature.

You will be able to watch tracking history of your kids of previous three months through history map of UWatch. In tracking history, you can select a start and end time along with date after which location history map of your kids will be played.

Define Safe Zones / Danger Zones

In order to keep their children in a protected area, the guardians can create a safe zone or either danger zone for their kids. They can mark a ground or their street as safe zone and they will be informed by UWatch soon after their children left the area.

An area of up to 5 km can be marked as danger/ safe zone. If the children enter the danger zone of leave the safe zone, then an alert SMS will be send by UWatch tot eh guardians.

Further Features

  • Maximum three numbers can be chosen by parents to add in the UWatch and the children will be able to make and receive calls from these three numbers and UWatch will block call from any other number.
  • Guardians can switch on/off the UWatch through UWatch app while kids can’t make any change to the watch.
  • Soon after the removal of UWatch from the wrist, the light sensors will send an alert to the guardians.
  • Data can be stored by UWatch in case it is in an out of coverage area while this stored data can be seen later after restoration of internet coverage.
  • In order to monitor multiple children, parents can create multiple profiles for every kid through UWatch.
  • UWatch is splash proof and shock proof.

Pricing Details

  • UWatch’s Price: Rs. 6,999
  • Annual Charges: Rs. 3,000 per year
  • First Time Charges: UWatch Price + Annual Charges for First Year: Rs. 9,999
  • All prices are including taxes
  • UWatch comes with six months of Ufone warranty

Monitoring Charges include:

  • 2,000 SMS — for notifications to be sent from UWatch to Guardians
  • 100 UWatch to Ufone minutes
  • 100 MBs to be used by UWatch for sending data to servers

Customers can buy UWatch from Ufone Service Centers located in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Ufone introduces UWatch

Ufone introduces UWatch


Ufone introduces UWatch

Ufone introduces UWatch


Ufone introduces UWatch

Ufone introduces UWatch


Ufone introduces UWatch

Ufone introduces UWatch


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