Unique Plan of Building Covered with Trees in China


Nanjing, A wonderful and tall building is being constructed in China, which can be given the name of Jungle tower. The local company has designed the building, in which one tower has the height of 656 feet and the other tower has the height of 354 feet. In this building the trees and plants are planted along with the flats, which not only will make the tower beautiful but also provide about 60 kg Oxygen to the space.

The Italian expert has designed this building and the twin buildings have given the name of Nanjing tower, which are constructed in a Chinese city. This tower will be completed in 2018 and this can be called the first vertical jungle of Asia.

According to the project, about one thousand trees and 2500 plants and bushes of 23 different species were grown on these two buildings, which will be local. In this building, the residential flats, museum, club and museum will be constructed on the roof of the building. The designing of the building is made in such a style that people can watch the greenery of the building from the balconies of the building. These plants will also produce the local biodiversity. Half of the trees, grown on this building will be big and remaining trees will have medium and small size.

Before this, the buildings having greenery have already been constructed in Milan, Italy and Lausen, Switzerland which provide fresh oxygen to the residents. These buildings are called the carbon dioxide absorbing buildings.




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