Interview Film TV Actress Uzma Khan


Uzma Khan is the leading artist of tv and she has also performed in the fashion industry. She has performed in various tv drama serials and she grabbed tremendous success. She also got popularity through her roles in the dramas and now she has made up her mind to perform on the big screen. The leading model and actress, Uzma Khan has made the decision to perform on

tv, fashion and also continue her work on the big screen. She gave an interview to media and said that it was the desire of every artist of tv and fashion industry to appear on the big screen.

The model and actress of tv and fashion determined to continue her working on the tv and she said that when she would get the best offer, she will come to the tv to work in that drama. When she performed in her very first movie and she got hit in the first movie, she received various offers to perform in other movies. She checked the offers and she accepted some of the good characters and she refused some of the roles in the movies. She further added that modern technology is being used in the movies and it helped the film makers to make good movies. She said that she performed the surprising and challenging roles in the movies. She said that she considers herself very pleased and lucky that she got some of the wonderful roles in the movies. She also shared her pleasure that she had good and supporting team to perform in the movies.

Now with the making of the quality movies, the film viewers are now coming back to the cinema movies and they start coming to cinema with their families and get the entertainment. They are providing quality movies, which can give more and more entertainment and comedy to the viewers and they can get enjoyment from these movies in their spare time with their families.




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