Vin Diesel Shares Posters of ‘Fast & Furious 8’ Without Paul Walker


Vin Diesel has released the poster of his movie, ‘Fast & Furious 8’ and this is the first movie without Paul Walker.
Vin Diesel is going to share the poster of the movie, ‘Fast & Furious 8’, which will be eighth movie and first after the death of hero of the movie, Paul Walker. Vin Diesel, 44 has shared the poster on his facebook page on April 19. It is reported that it was unofficial for the eighth movie. It is also said that Scott Eastwood is going to join the cast of the movie with Charlize Theron. They are missing the main character of the movie, Paul Walker.
Vin Diesel shared the poster on facebook, which is added with new roads ahead. It is also said that it was most likely the fan photo and the movie has the title of Fast 8 but the poster is added with Furious 8.
In this movie, the character of the movie is Dominic Toretto and he was looking beautiful while standing next to car and he is staring in the air. This is the first movie of this series, in which Paul Walker is not present. The title of the movie is made with the theme, which is used in the previous movies of the same franchise. The tagline of the movie, Fast & Furious is read, for all roads lead to that for the Furious 7.
Paul was present in the parts of Furious 7 and he was died in the road accident, when a car hit him during the production break in the movie in November 2013. The character of Vin Diesel was close with Paul and he considered him as his brother. When the People’s Choice Awards were given in January then Vin won the award and he gave honor to Paul. He said that he was there and he did so always to come there. He did not get emotional by winning the award and he tried to remain cool while sitting on the seat and he handed two awards in which one for the action movie and one for the favorite movie. He also said in his speech that this was his favorite movie and he thought about his favorite character and he started thinking about Paul.
Then after this, he started sang the lyrics of See You Again and he added the movie, which is made after the death of Paul. I was hard to watch but the film and the whole franchise would pay tribute to him.

Vin Diesel Shares Posters of ‘Fast & Furious 8’

Vin Diesel Shares Posters of ‘Fast & Furious 8’

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