Volvo To Equip the Self Driving Cars With New Driving Simulator


We will see self-driving cars in the automobile industry in the future. Self-driving cars will be easier to drive and cost effective for longer journeys. Self-driving cars will be safer than other regular cars on the market. Various auto companies are trying to develop their own cars and are training their AI to make such technology in vehicles.
According to reports, a well-known auto manufacturer of Volvo has introduced a new type of simulator to improve self-driving cars. The company’s engineers have used gaming tech to introduce simulators in real cars to bring the technology to real life. Like the real car, the simulator has a VR headset, stacking wheel with hippocampus feedback and a moving driving seat.
The new simulator, developed by engineers at Volvo, also features the Alliance engine used in sports development. This software helps in real vehicle traffic inclusion without any security risk. In the video below, the engineers explain the workings of the technology. Let’s see when we see cars with such amazing technology in the market.

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Volvo To Equip the Self Driving Cars With New Driving Simulator , 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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