Warid LTE Prepaid Bundles 2015


Warid has designed the prepaid LTE packages after considering the needs of customers. The customers can choose the packages of their choice from hourly to monthly packages.

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Category Price(PKR) Volume Validity Keyword Short code (SMS) Internet Balance
Hourly 10 100MB 4 Hours DH4 7777 *200*415#
Daily 10 100MB 24 Hours D24 7777 *200*411#
3-Day 25 250MB 3 days DB3 7777 *200*437#
Weekly 50 500MB 7 Days WB1 7777 *200*471#
Monthly-Mini 100 500MB 30 Days MBM 7777 *200*431#
Monthly-Value 200 1GB 30 Days MBV 7777 *200*432#
Monthly-Smart 300 2GB 30 Days MBS 7777 *200*433#
Monthly-Big 500 10GB 30 Days MBB 7777 *200*435#
Monthly Super Bucket 800 16GB 30 Days MHD 7777 *200*438#


To check internet balance and subscribe to any package, the customer can dial *777# for LTE menu.

Terms and conditions:-

You can also read: Warid Double Faida Offer 2015

  • It is compulsory to have LTE supported SIM and mobile set to use LTE services.
  • Mobile internet bundle can be taken with all packages.
  • The charging of Rs. 5/ MB will be made for usage without subscription to bundles and default rate.
  • On default rate, using Rs. 50 of daily charging will help to get a bonus of 10 MB to the customer.
  • 0.20/ MB will be the rate of charge after utilization of bucket volume.
  • If prepaid package is shifted, even then the data bundle subscription will remain valid.
  • Validity of this package is only for customers of Warid Glow and Warid prepaid.
  • Further details can be acquired by visiting your nearest business center/ franchise or by dialing 100.
  • The charge of SMS to 7777 is Re. 1 + tax while all govt. taxes are applied.
  • 2G bundles can’t be used on Warid LTE while LTE bundles can be used on both 2G and LTE.
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