Watch Movie Raees not Release song Halka Halka


Halka Halka” is the song not included in film “Raees” but this song of the film has been released now. Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan are performing are lead roles in film “Raees” which is getting huge success in India and around the world and it has been included among most successful Bollywood films after earning 200 crore rupees so far.

Film “Raees” has been released several days ago while several of its songs were released even before the film and now film’s song “Halka Halka” has been released but this song is absent from the film. This newly released song is getting viral on social media like the previous songs of the film while this song has been watched so far by millions of people.

Rahul Dholakia is the director of film “Raees” in which the role of Shah Rukh’s wife is played by Mahira Khan. Previously, it was demanded by Hindu extremists to exclude Mahira’s scenes from the film.



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