Watch New Glimpses of New Fiction Action Movie Alien Covenant


The new glimpses of the new science fiction action movie, ‘Alien Covenant’ and the story of the movie is based on the terror of the powerful space creature. This is the sixth part of the Hollywood film series, ‘Alien’ of the director Ridley Scott and the story of the movie is moving around the dangerous ‘Aliens’, which is the worst enemy of the human beings.

In the story of the movie, the group of the researchers goes to a mysterious planet present in Galaxy and the strange space creature uses different tricks and it enters into body of the human being like a virus and it makes them its target. Mark Hufflam, David Giler, Walter Hill are the joint producers of this movie. Michael Fassbender has performed the leading role in this movie while there are some other artists like Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, Demian Bichir, Danny McBride, who have performed different roles in this movie.

This movie shows the suspense scenes and this is filled with action, thrill and drama and this science fiction movie will be releases on 19 may on the cinema houses under 20th Century Fox.


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