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ARY Digital was launched by the ARY Group during 2000 in United Kingdom to meet the demand of the South Asian people living in these countries. This network is currently showing its programs and shows in different countries like Pakistan, Europe, Middle East and North America. Abdul Razzak Yaqub is the owner of ARY Group and this channel produces news and entertainment programs for the people living in these countries. When various channels were allowed to broadcast their programs and shows in Pakistan then this channel starting its broadcasting in Pakistan and became pioneer in the field of broadcasting industry.

ARY Digital Logo

ARY Digital Logo

This channel started working in UK for the provision of entertainment and news to the South Asian people so it got popularity very soon. For the expansion of the broadcasting to other countries, the operations of the channels were moved to Dubai and it started broadcasting in various other countries of the world. This channel started working close with PTV Prime and various other channels of India. This channel started showing various programs including news, entertainment shows and political talk shows along with dramas to the people living in this region.

This channel has also faced to some problems for the broadcasting of news of comments of the Anti Terrorist courts for the prisoners and the video of defamed young girls. The court served the notice of contempt of court to the channel and this notice was withdrawn by the concerned court when the responsible officers apologized unconditionally.

ARY Digital is a free to air channel in the Indian subcontinent and its shows entertainment programs to the public through free to air. It also shows various programs which got popularity and ARY Digital can show most of the entertainment shows like Fear factor, as most of the people like to watch these programs on this channel.

ARY Digital Satellite Frequency:

Satellite: AsiaSat 3S
Position: 105.5°E
Frequency: 4060 V

Satellite: Eutelsat 28A
Position: 28.5°E
Frequency: 11546 H

To watch ARY Digital Live Stream, you need to visit ARY Digital Channel live stream from Channel Website online.

We Congratulate ARY Digital for their high quality Programs.

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