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National Communication Services Private Limited has launched this news channel, Dunya News, which started its transmissions during 2008. This is the Urdu language news and current affairs television channel and its head office is in Lahore. This channel produces its transmission on the local cable operators across Pakistan.

Dunya News Logo

Dunya News Logo

This channel provides various programs and current affair programs and shows which got popularity like Policy Matters, News watch, Cross Fire, Hasb-e-Hall, Police file by SP Musa, nafa Nuqsan by Anis Sheikh, Talash with Aniq Naji and many more. This channel has also contribution in the war against terrorism when one of the its journalist, Mukarram Khan Atif was shot dead by the so called Taliban on January 17, 2012 when he was doing his duty for the reporting for his channel.

Dunya News Satellite Frequency:

Satellite: Intelsat 20
Position: 68.5°E
Frequency: 4006 H

Satellite: Anik F3
Position: 118.8°W
Frequency: 11789 L

To watch Dunya News Live Stream, you need to visit Dunya News Channel live stream from Channel Website online.

We Congratulate Dunya News for their high quality Programs.

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