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Hum Network has launched the 24 hours entertainment Urdu channel and this channel started its transmission from January 21, 2005. The head office of this channel is in Karachi and it is further known as Eye Television Network before January 21, 2011. This channel also awarded its first Hum TV awards in March 2013.

Hum TV

Hum TV

This channel provides its transmission in some parts of Middle East, Africa and all parts of Asia but its transmissions are not available in Europe. This channel provides its transmissions in some countries through cable and in some countries through satellite. This channel started transmitting its broadcasting in North America on Dish Network during March 2010.

This channel has produced very popular and famous shows and serials like Madiha Maliha, Kahi un Kahi, Dil e Muztar, Shab e Gham, Rehaai, Bari Apa, Mohabbat Jai Bhar mai and many more. This channel started its transmission in America to provide entertainment to the people of South Asia living there. Although Hum TV is not providing its transmission in UK but you can watch its shows and serial on YouTube.

This channel was founded by Sultana Siddiqui and now her son, Shunaid Siddiqui is the owner of the channel who is allegedly involved in the fraudulent case. The CNN has reported that he is involved in the misappropriation of about 17 million rupees and now is under trial in the court.

Hum TV Satellite Frequency:

Satellite: AsiaSat 3S
Position: 105.5°E
Frequency: 4132 H

To watch Hum TV Live Stream, you need to visit Hum TV Channel live stream from Channel Website online.

We Congratulate Hum TV for their high quality Programs.

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