Watch Trailer of Animated Movie Cars 3


The teaser trailer of the third link of the famous Hollywood animated comedy adventure film series, ‘Cars 3’ has been released. Brian Fee is the director of the movie and story of this 3D movie is moving around the legend racing car named Lighting McQueen, which is separated from the racing suddenly. Lighting McQueen was asked to get the technique of the modern period so that they can make their place in the world racing once again so that he can maintain his lead in the modern and the fastest car race. Kevin Reher has produced this movie, which is based on the interesting events, which are taken place among the live car races. The dialogues of the animated characters are recorded in voices of Hollywood actor Owen Wilson, Larry Guy, Bonny Hunt and Cheech Marine.

This movie is prepared by Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios and it is also based on the colorful fight cars is going to release on 16 June in the cinema houses under the Walt Disney and Motion Pictures.


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