Wearing of Shalwar Kameez in Offices Can Save Energy Costs


 The things invisible to naked eye are seen y the clothes you wear including your culture, status, wealth etc. People can label you according to your clothes and it makes their attitude with you. Another important thing said is that one should have a dress according to his job.

This could be true but it is also a reality that environment is damaging enormously due to the western styled dress code at workplace.

The reason is mentioned below.

Suits, Ties, Shirts and the Rest Make Us Warm

On the basis of clothing, people are mostly found are like minded or of a similar class. If you work in a multinational company, it is more likely that you have a definite dress code. Though, it looks quite common and right but there is some problem with this common thing.

In Pakistan and other countries like that with higher temperatures, it is almost impossible to work regularly with having suit, tie and other such dress code. It’s like a hell to having this dress in such hot weather and bitter traffic. But we have to follow the rules on every circumstance.

But one thing to worry about is that air conditioners are running at their full speed due to this adopted culture. There are dozens of ACs in big offices which spend lots of energy to cool us and it is mainly because our dress code is making us feel warm.

This culture is right for West but it produces severe consequences in developing countries.

What Science Says About Loose Dresses (Shalwar Kameez)

It is a common thing that you need less air conditioning in hot weathers with loose dresses as they make you cool. According to a research, 40% of world’s energy is consumed by buildings and half of this (20%) is used to warm or cool us.

We could have 700 million more ACs in the world if the current buying trend of ACs keeps going. As compared to make energy, we are consuming much more. It will really destroy earth.

In Africa and many other temperate regions, people use their traditional dress as compared to western dresses at their work place.

Also in few Pakistani companies, people can be seen working while wearing shalwar kameez. It’s not important only for culture but it also reduces the body temperature as well. You can also make use of a casual pant dress instead. That will surely reduce energy bills as well.

Concluding Thoughts

We should think about the matter to dress according to our requirement in comfortable clothes. But there is a debate of fashion and culture also. But no doubt, you can reduce your AC bills and keep a comfortable environment by using your national dress in offices.


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