Women Takes Divorce from Husband on Not Replying Messages



A woman in Taiwan takes divorce from husband as he didn’t replied her message on mobile phone. According to foreign media, a woman filed a case of divorce in court against her husband and provided the reasons that her husband doesn’t reply anything that she asks and there is no benefit of such relationship. The husband denied the allegation in court but the wife presented the smartphone application of “Line” for proof. Like other mobile apps, there is facility in the app “Line” that the message sender can know whether the receiver has read the message or not.

The woman said in court that her husband read the messages but didn’t reply. After viewing solid proofs, the judge gave the decision in favor of woman and said that the husband showed carelessness and neglected her wife.

It should be cleared that percentage of divorce in Taiwan is very high. According to the government statistics of 2016, there is average of 146 divorces in one day.

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