World’s First Animated Movie ‘Salley Bales’ comes out after 87 Years


New York, Walt Disney made the first animated movie, ‘Salley Bales’ of the world, which was lost 87 years before. This movie has the honor of first animated movie of the world. This movie was made in 1928 and now it will be released next month. Walt Disney has made this movie and it has the duration of only 6 minutes. When this movie was made in 1928, it was lost and it was considered that this movie was lost forever. The world premiere of this movie will be conducted next month and now it will be released on the eve of Christmas.

In this movie, a character, ‘Osweld the Lucky Rabbit’ in Walt Disney has the great similarity with the character of Mickey Mouse and it was also liked very much in 1927.  Robin Becker, the head of British Film Institute said he was feeling very happing on finding this movie. He also said that the release of this movie would introduce the silent period of the movies. The present head of Walt Disney Animation, Andrew Mailsten is also very excited on the release of this first silent movie of the world.


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