Worlds Most Precious Diamond Mine in Russia


World’s most precious mine is in Russia which is also known as most expensive one whose cost is around $13 billion. The city located around this mine of eastern Siberia is known as ‘diamond city’ while winds over this city are so strong that can drown a helicopter due to which helicopter don’t fly over this city.

From this mine, located 1722 feet deep, 25% world’s diamonds are extracted. Historically, Russia revived its economy after World War 2 by using this mine. Though, this mine was closed from above in 2004 but now several underground ways are present here and 60 carat diamond was taken from the mine in 2014.

According to an estimate, the mine still has diamonds of $13 billion which is equal to 13 trillion Pakistani rupees.

Over this mine, located 5000 miles from Moscow, several helicopters have been destroyed because wind circulates like hurricane in the mine which pushes the helicopter downwards. Russian company “Alrosa” is the owner of this mine while another company announced to supply electricity to 100,000 people by constructing a solar panel on the evacuated part of this mine.

The largest diamond of this mien is of 130.85 carat which is equal to a ball of golf. It was discovered by three Russian geologists who also receive Russia’s biggest award “Linen Award”. This mine was discovered in the area permanently covered by ice and large amount of dynamite was used to remove ice from the mine.

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