Writing the Personal Statement Sample 3


Personal Statment Sample

Personal Statment Sample

Writing the Personal Statement 3:

I belong to a poor family living in small village of FR Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I received my primary education at the government primary school. I am hardworking and brilliant student in school and college education. Then I got the scholarship to Khyber Medical College, Peshawar. I had the academic excellence and also the social worker, community contributor, youth leader, traveler, reader and I attached with various organizations. I have the purpose to bring good governance, development, peace and prosperity to this region with the introduction of education, sound policies and awareness among the society members.

As a representative in the group, I will remove the negative stereotypes and I present the bright side to the country fellows and I will also show the traditions, true and diverse cultures, and positive mentality of Pakistani people to the host colleagues. I will explore the rich US culture, ethical values, morale, civic system, technological and educational advancements, which can enable me to boost my skills in the academic capabilities and strengthen the professional career.

I will visit different governmental and public institutes to know about the US government system and the policies. It will increase my confidence, learning, professionalism and leadership maturity.  I will work with the alumni network to develop my region and promote the long term relationships between Pakistan and America.


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