YouTube Decides To Add Information About COVID-19


YouTube is now going to inform the peoples around the world about the facts and figures related to COVID-19 and to discard the misinformation about the pandemic as well. The Video Sharing App added a link that provides the authentic information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

According to YouTube, By clicking on the link provided by YouTube will directly send the users to the competent vaccine information from a third party source like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization (WHO).

YouTube took this initiative due to huge fake content surfacing across the internet and social media and various videos on YouTube related to Corona Virus vaccines from anti-vaccine personalities. According to a recent study carried out by United States and Britain located conspiracy theories and misinformation such information such fake content and videos make people to deviate from the exact usage, purpose and merits of COVID-19 vaccines to come in future.

YouTube has already announced in October to remove videos that contain misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. The video platform plans to ban permanently the content which will be against the policy set by the prominent health authorities.

YouTube’s initiative justifies the results of two major vaccine attempts. Moderna said its experimental Covid 19 vaccine is 95% effective. The organization bases its claims on provisional statistics of phased trials. Last week, Pfizer said its vaccine showed 90 percent effective statistics.

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