YouTube Gaming Records The Best Watch Time In 2020


The Gaming is the topmost category especially when online gaming is concerned. The Google’s video sharing platform experienced a big achievement this year. According to the YouTube’s official announcement the YouTube gaming watch time exceeded to 100 billion hours in 2020 which is double as compared to previous year.
The head of YouTube Gaming, Ryan Wyat announced on his Twitter Account that the year 2020 is the best year for the YouTube as it hits 100 billion hours. Approximately 10 billion users watched via live streaming.
The head also shared the other statistics and among all the games the mostly watched online game was Minecraft by 201B views. Secondly, Roblox was the second top most game with 75 billion views. Garena Free Fire stood 3rd with 72 billion, GTA V secured 70 billion and fortnight also achieved the position with 67 billion views.
When it comes to YouTube gaming channels, 80,000 channel owners hit the 100,000 subscribers, thousand of channel creators received the 5 million subscribers and 350 creators have 10 million subscribers. The huge growth in the YouTube’s Gaming watch time is the COVID-19 pandemic which pulled the people to online entertainment.

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