Zong 4G Powered Smart Car Solution






Zong is going to start the 4G power with the start of the new year 2018 and this mobile phone provider has announced the Zong 4G Smart Car solution. It takes the 4G users in new realm of digitization and offers three features in one unique vehicle on-board diagnostic OBD-II device, which is monitored through the Mobile app for Android and Apple users. The device has offered the production connectivity for the customers:Zong 4G Powered Smart Car Solution
• Fastest 4G mobile internet after turning car into Wi-Fi Hotspot for upto 10 smart phones and devices.
Car diagnostic monitoring by getting the vehicle on-board data like speed, RPM, fuel level and mileage in real time.
• It has the tracking capability, and enables the customers to track their vehicles in real time by and set safe zones and the notifications to the movement of the vehicles in and out of defined Geo fences.
This product is design to make the life easy in fast going world and now it is provided for all Walk-In customers at Zong 4G customer service centers in Islamabad and it will be launched across the country. Zong 4G Smart Car Solution is plug and play for all models of Honda and Toyota, which is released after year 2000. For the installation, it takes only 30 seconds and the customers can experience the benefits of digital connectivity and give the glimpse of technology transformative experience to the customers. The free demos are provided at Zong 4G Customer Service Centers, Islamabad.
Zong 4G is the leading company in the telecommunication and it has the wonderful 4G experience in over 300 cities. It has announced the new Smart Car solution and propel the 4G internet penetration and living up to the vision of transforming lifestyles of all people of Pakistan through the technology.



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