Facebook introduces 50 New Games


Facebook has announced 50 famous games for its customers that use Messenger that could be played by more than 1 billion users of the Messenger every month.

Though, games were introduced in Messenger app last year but they were in the stage of Beta-Testing. Now, the users of Messenger can play these 50 games with their friends through this app. Few of these games are “Words with Friends, 8 Ball Pool, PacMan, Solitaire, Snake, Cooking Mama, Cut the Rope, Sudoku” and others. Now, you can play these games with the whole world.

Spokesperson of Facebook told that you can challenge and amuse your friends with this style. For this purpose, you can click a plus sign in the messenger text box and select any game after going to the option of ‘game’. The game can also be started by clicking. These also include arcade games of 80s and 90s like Galaga and Space Invaders. These games will be much liked by those who were playing these games on arcade machines 30 years ago.

These games can easily be played on Facebook, Messenger and Messanger’s website and they will be released soon. According to Facebook, more games will be introduced with time.


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