Chinese Wifi

Chinese Company Free Satellite Wi-Fi Launching Around World

A Chinese company is making plan to introduce free Wi-Fi to everybody around the world. the Chinese internet company, Linksure was found in 2013 in Shanghai to provide free Wi-Fi service ... Continue Reading →

How Pakistan Best for Tourism?

The UK based Back Peeker society declared Pakistan best tourism destination of the world. The society said that Pakistan is peaceful, best hospitable and friendly country. The Back ... Continue Reading →
Youth International Summer School

2018 Youth International Summer School in Shanghai – China

2018 Youth International Summer School in Shanghai: The applications are invited from the candidates for 2018 Youth International Summer School in Shanghai. The international summer ... Continue Reading →
China Builds first ‘Forest City’ with Plantation of 40,000 Trees 1

China Builds first ‘Forest City’ with Plantation of 40,000 Trees

China has decided to build first ‘forest city’ of the world in order to fight against the air pollution and also reduce the production of toxic gases. It is expected that total ... Continue Reading →
plane 1

Chinese passenger plane survives after hole during flight

A passenger plane, traveling from Australia to China, managed to survive a dangerous accident. The passenger plane Airbus A330 of China Eastern Airlines departed from Sydney Airport ... Continue Reading →
fastest lift

Fastest Lift of World in China has Speed of 75 KM

Beijing, The fastest lift of the world is tried in China, which travels with the speed of 75 kilometers within an hour. This record making lift has been experimented in the trade building, ... Continue Reading →

A unique train Passage in China

Due to absence of any place on earth, a track for train has been made in China between the 19 storey building. In the China’s southeastern province of Chong Keon, a strange train ... Continue Reading →

Unique Plan of Building Covered with Trees in China

Nanjing, A wonderful and tall building is being constructed in China, which can be given the name of Jungle tower. The local company has designed the building, in which one tower has ... Continue Reading →

Bull Fighting Fare Starts in China

The bull fighting in Spain is well known all over the world. But china has started the fare for the fighting among the smart, healthy and strong bulls. The first professional bull fighting ... Continue Reading →
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan film Dragon Blade release in India

Famous actor Jackie Chan now wants to release his film “Dragon Blade” also in India. For this purpose, he wants to make Indian remake of this film. Jackie Chan said that he also ... Continue Reading →